Frequently Asked Questions



Q1) I already use somebody who takes my equipment away and he has an Environment Agency waste carriers licence, isn't this the same thing?


No, a waste carrier’s licence only licences them to take your items for you to a licensed processing site. You are responsible for where the items go and what happens to them.


Make sure that they are handled correctly at a licenced centre.


Click on this BBC link for more information:



Q2) What happens to a PC if it’s too old?


Items that are unsuitable for re-use because they are too old, too low a specification, Faulty or damaged are stripped down and the materials are segregated before being forward shipped by us to other environment agency companies that specialise in that material.




Q3) We format the drives in our machines so that data is protected, isn’t this enough?


No, it’s a relatively easy thing to get back information from a formatted drive.

We would advise a certificated level 7 secure data for sensitive areas through to hard drive removal and destruction for equipment from high security applications.




Q4) How should we store the items before recycling?


a) Store in a safe dry place and remember to treat them as good items, it’s always a shame when something is damaged after de-installation and before we collect it.


b) Make sure that you keep any power supplies or accessories for an item with the item.