Hempplan Privacy Polidy

Hemplan Terms and Conditions of repair


    a)      We are sorry but Hemplan can not take any responsibility for data stored on products received for repair.


         Please advise if data is important and we will look at options for you.



    b)     The cosmetic condition of a repair will be recorded when a repair is booked in so that this can be used as evidence if the customer questions the condition of the unit when collected.


       I don’t remember a mark on the case ?


    c)      Items left with and Accessories for products received with a repair will be recorded when a unit is booked in. This will be used as evidence if a customer questions what was given to us ( please take note of this ).  


           I thought I brought the Charger in with it ? 



    d)     Hemplan reserve the right to dispose of any repairs that are not collected by a customer within a 3 months period to re-coup cost’s incurred.



           It is natural that customers don’t want to pay to collect un-economic to repair faulty

           Products but tell us and we will scrap the unit for you.


        If it’s good enough product you may even get money back after the costs are deducted.



    e)      All trade in items received are security wiped as part of our standard procedure.