About Hemplan
Hemplan was established in 1991 and was set up to offer a personal and hands on approach within the forever changing and fast moving IT market.

Hemplan has evolved from an electronics design company through the service repair loop environment and is now moving forward with the main emphasis on recycling and the asset management of unwanted IT equipment.

Take a responsible approach to your unwanted IT equipment and get Hemplan involved.

Our Services

a) Repair & Refurbishment.

Quite often equipment is uneconomic to repair because of the price of the spare parts to complete it.

With access to spares from stripped down or end of life equipment, Hemplan offer a cost effective alternative to buying new.

Get us to evaluate your faulty laptop for just £35 + V.a.t.

b) Recycling

If you have old or faulty IT equipment that you want to get rid of in a responsible way, then Hemplan can help.

Hemplan will strip down and separate the different materials within a product and send them for specialist recycling.

Don't just skip it, Recycle it.

c) Asset Management

Some IT equipment is still worth money even if it is a few years old, Hemplan operate an asset management service whereby we will test and refurbish your unwanted equipment and sell it for you on a percentage commission basis.

Is your unwanted Equipment still worth Something?